Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Jubilee Whale Fund - Year 2016

With the help of members of the public and agencies, a 10.6 m long sperm whale was recovered by the museum when it was washed up off Jurong Island on 10 Jul 2015. The museum’s staff have been busy processing the carcass since then with the aim of finding out more about the whale and to mount an exhibition of The Singapore Whale to share our findings,

For many Singaporeans over the age of 40, memories of the old National Museum invariably linger over the exhibit of its blue whale skeleton. Unfortunately in 1974, Singapore gave this iconic whale to Malaysia.

By a twist of fate, an adult female sperm whale, 10.6 m in total length, was washed up on Singapore's shores on 10 July 2015. This is the first record of a sperm whale in Singapore’s waters. We now have a whale to truly call our own again! A find like that will come just once in a lifetime and it happened this year, the year of Singapore’s 50th anniversary. It is an opportune gift to the people of Singapore. We have our Jubilee Whale!

The staff of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum has been working tirelessly for the past few weeks to secure this sperm whale for Singapore. Our scientists have collected tissues, gut contents and other parts for future research. Most significantly, we have recovered the complete skeleton. To set up a world-class exhibit centered on this Jubilee Whale and to build a solid education, research and conservation programme around it, will require financial resources. We need your support to achieve this.

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Builders Hub Pte Ltd has donated to this Jubilee Whale project. Our donation will go towards preparation, restoration, mounting, exhibition, and maintenance of the whale. And to increase environmental awareness by supporting associated education, research, conservation and other activities.

The Jubilee Whale Fund - Year 2016

The Jubilee Whale Fund - Year 2016


Charity Day for Assisi Hospice Charity Day - Year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019

Builders Hub contributes actively back to the society by donating generously to Assisi Hospice and helping them to raise funds through selling Lasagnes and satay at their Annual Charity fun fair.  

Assisi Hospice Charity Day 2019

Assisi Hospice Charity Day 2018

Assisi Hospice Charity Day 2016

Assisi Hospice Charity Day 2015

Assisi Hospice Charity Day 2014

We believe it takes a special individual to truly make a difference in our society. Builders Hub contributes actively back to the society by donating generously to homes. Our support will go a long way in creating positive change in the lives of the beneficiaries. It seeks to help individuals to be self-sufficient and less dependent, and restores individuals,  families or communities to successfully function in the society. 




Club-100 @ North West was set up by North West Community Development Council (CDC) in May 2008.  An idea mooted by Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor and founder of North West District, the Club hopes to foster the culture of philanthropy; and serves as a network for corporate and individual members to pledge to donate $100 (or more) per month to the North West Food Aid Fund (FAF)


The Club-100 @ North West grew from a mere 10 members to the current 600 members. The donations raised through the club are used to support the North West FAF, in providing food rations, food vouchers and tingkat meal delivery for low income residents.