How to make a small space look big?

By Admin|

Houses in Singapore are ever so small. If you don’t want to feel cluttered but live in a small house, don’t fret! Let me give you some tips to make your house feel like a palace!

Tip number 1: Strategically place mirrors in the room.

It’s the most common technique used to give the illusion of space! However, putting them anywhere won’t do the trick. Place themin places such as near windows to reflect natural and artificial light. By doing so, not only will your room be brighter, it will look bigger too!

Tip number 2: Use light colours

Light colour schemes will allow light to be reflect off the walls, making the room feel more open. On the other hand, dark colours absorb light and make the place look smaller than it already is.

Tip number 3: Allow more light into the room.

A brighter room opens up the space. It is best if you use natural light from windows but well placed artificial lighting can also make the room feel bigger!

Tip number 4: Declutter your room

The last thing you would want is to squeeze loads of furniture and other stuff into your room and make it look cramped. It is good to have just one focal point of the room which draws the most attention. Keeping the room neat and tidy will make the room feel less crowded. It is good to have just one focal point of the room which draws the most attention. To create a sense of spaciousness, you should clear the floor and avoid putting big rugs.

Tip number 5: Getting and placing the right furniture.

You can get furniture with secret storage spaces. This allows you to keep all the books and other things out of the way, thus won’t be needing any extra space to store them. You should have furniture which fit nicely to the room and will not jut out, resulting in a blocked pathway. Getting furniture with exposed legs allows light to shine through the bottom of the furniture which makes the space feel more open. Place big furniture such as the sofa or TV cabinets against the walls of the room to maximise the central open space. Placing furniture too close to each other will make the room feel crowded. Place them further away which gives more space for people to move about.


With these 5 tips, you can make your room feel bigger, airier and tidier!